Many of Open Pantry’s suppliers are major multinational organizations, including BP, Miller Coors, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Frito Lay, General Mills, Kraft, Mars and Kellogg’s among others.   As suppliers to Open Pantry, each of these organizations have a vested interest in helping Open Pantry succeed.  These companies have invested heavily in developing their own highly recognizable and desirable brands.  By carrying their products, and in some cases their signage, Open Pantry is able to leverage to its own benefit the investment made by its suppliers.

Our partnering relationships generate valuable market data.  Open Pantry enjoys active co-sponsor relationships with a number of its suppliers which, several times a year, will fund an in-store promotion (e.g., a give-away for Open Pantry to include with a purchase, free in-store advertising, or a price buy-down on the promoted item). Suppliers also include Open Pantry in their traditional print, radio or sporting event advertising. Certain suppliers will also make the services of their internal graphics department available to Open Pantry in designing joint advertising materials.

Open Pantry has successfully introduced its exclusive customer loyalty program, OPFREE, in which specific promotions are communicated to loyalty members via a text “blast,” approximately every two weeks. Being a part of this “blast” offering has become highly desirable by our suppliers. OPFREE was designed to increase our customer base by offering a mobile based loyalty program that pushes texts to consumers that sign up for the program. These texts encourage customers to visit their local Open Pantry to receive “FREE” items that are supported by vendors who benefit from either item awareness, and add-on sales. To be part of Open Pantry successful loyalty program, text: OPFREE to 85700

Corporate Headquarters:
10505 Corporate Dr, Suite 101
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
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