President’s Message

We at Open Pantry are passionate about providing convenience. It is our belief that people, particularly in these hectic times, need time. By providing one stop convenience for fuel, newspapers, coffee, milk, tobacco, high quality “grab and go” food. etc…we can help our customers with their busy days. It is this belief that is imbedded in our slogan…You need time, We can help. It is also imbedded in our belief to do this in a fast, friendly manner that is an enjoyable experience for our customers. We genuinely care about every guest that comes through our doors, and try to meet their needs, on a continual basis. It is this reliability, and friendship that allows our customers to count on Open Pantry. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to try and serve you. And thank you for being a regular customer.

We would not be able to achieve the passionate customer focus described above, without passionate people. Our employees are outstanding. They are fun, happy, responsible people that truly enjoy serving the public, and take pride in being friends with their customers. If you are this type of person, and interested in being a part of a team that thrives on acting this way, please visit our Careers section, and tell us about yourself. We are always interested in adding energized, smiley, members to our team.

We also achieve our store success by working with our supplier partners. By no surprise, our partners have the same “can do” attitude about the importance of customers and servicing them well. Our suppliers help us generate promotions, good values, and excitement that draw customers back to Open Pantry for an extraordinary experience.

Please navigate through our website and get to know our morning and noon food service offerings, our Loyalty Club (OPFREE) offerings of “free” products to club members bi-monthly, and our commitment since 1998 to annually “giveback” by supporting the Wisconsin Multiple Sclerosis Society’s effort to cure MS. Also, if you have any thoughts that might help us with our passion, please take a moment and fill out the comment section under Contact Us; your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Open Pantry is committed to be the best convenience store chain in Wisconsin…the store that you want to visit when you need that little extra time in your day….You need time, We can help.

Thank you again for visiting our website and I encourage you to visit all or any of our stores in the Madison and Milwaukee markets.

Robert A. Buhler
President & CEO

Corporate Headquarters:
10505 Corporate Dr, Suite 101
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
(262) 857-1156

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