Open Pantry Team Gets Pied

Open Pantry has played a big part in the fundraising effort for MS ( Multiple Sclerosis ) for many years. This year our 7 sites raised $30,000 to find a cure.

Toward the end of our campaign this year we put out a challenge to the team. The reward for meeting that challenge was ….well…. a lot of fun and tasted pretty good as well. The challenge/competition stated that the store that hit $100 over their highest day ever during the last few days of the MS drive would be able to pie Jim, Bryan or Robert. Our Racine Store 9570 accomplished this goal and had the privilege of being able to pie all 3 of them. It was a blast and as you will see from the pictures and video, we all had fun doing it as well as being spectators.

Click here to watch the video.


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