Mission, Values & Vision


Open Pantry promises to:

  • Be a significant Wisconsin C-Store Brand positioned for Southern Wisconsin Expansion. We will grow by opportunity, not ego.
  • Consistently provide friendly, clean and fast service to our customers.
  • Grow and live by a culture that provides integrity, fun and pride.
  • Partner together with our suppliers for a mutually profitable relationship.
  • Provide core products flawlessly while offering new products tirelessly.
  • Set high standards in everything we do and be disciplined to live by those standards.

Core Values

Open Pantry is a company that is:

  • Caring about people…its customers, its employees, and its supply partners. We treat this group of people as ‘family’.
  • Development-focused, constantly…in training, teaching, reaching, growing, and learning.
  • Integrity-driven as reflected in every decision that we make and partnership that we interact with.
  • Fun…in everything we do, from interacting with our customers, supplier partners, and employees…if work isn’t fun, its work.
  • Communication-intense, relaying our financial progress, strategies and plans, day-to-day success and struggles, with all appropriate parties.
  • Smart in how it analyzes opportunities, deals with conflict, and plans for the future.
  • Ownership and entrepreneurial in nature, with each employee acting and deciding as if individual owners themselves.


Open Pantry will be the preferred destination to provide our customers with time to enjoy life. Open Pantry, You Need Time…We Can Help!

Open Pantry is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is the policy of Open Pantry to comply with all federal and state employment laws by providing equal opportunities to all qualified persons without regard to race,color, age, sex, national origin marital status, sexual preference, handicap, dependents, creed or as otherwise provided by law.

To apply for a corporate or managerial position:
Call 262-857-1156, Fax 262-857-9667,
or send resume to:
Human Resources
10505 Corporate Drive, Suite 101
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

To apply for a store-level position:
Visit your nearest Open Pantry
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