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You Need Time...We Can Help!

We at Open Pantry are passionate about providing convenience. It is our belief that the people, particularly in these hectic times, need time. By providing one stop convenience for fuel, newspapers, coffee, milk, tobacco, high quality “grab and go” food. etc…we can help our customers with their busy days... read more »

Open Pantry Brands

Willow Creek Coffee

Willow Creek Coffee is a premium Arabica bean coffee exclusively developed by Open Pantry approximately Ten years ago, primarily in response to the popularity of Starbucks coffee. The coffee beans are … read more »

Santa Fe Cafe

Open Pantry operated a made-to-order fresh burrito bars under the proprietary Santa Fe Café brand name. Made with high quality fresh meats, beef, pork and chicken, it was a healthier alternative to lunch … read more »

Frozen Tundra

Open Pantry offers a variety of popular carbonated and frozen beverages in a self-serve fountain bar. Open Pantry offers F’Real, freshly blended milkshakes, smoothies and frozen coffee. All made from … read more »